...before there was music

Oh boy, did I love my comic books, cartoons, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and all things fantasy when I was a kid!

I was pretty sick growing up and expressing myself was made complicated through the fog of medications and fuzzy wiring. Escapism through art, crafts, and toys was my first real means of communication. I was fortunate to have a really supportive and crafty family, so I found myself always drawing, painting, or building things as a way of getting out all the noise that was inside me.

Although I took art and photography classes up through my high school years, the interest waned as I fell head over heals in love with the allure of the drug that was Music. I still dabbled with art here and there, though I never pursued it beyond music related posters and album artwork and other for-fun endeavors

By chance, I fell into my first professional Art related situation at the beginning of 2012, hired to make some fake book jackets for The Alliance Theatre's production of God Of Carnage. One thing led to another and I struck up a great relationship with the Theatre's Props Department that has enabled me to do both Music & Art simultaneously (something I had never even considered before). Being very lateral in terms of creativity, it allowed me to focus on different aspects of each while never burning out completely on the other. A perfect match. As a bonus, it opened up other facets of creativity that I've allowed to grow and foster in both my art and music worlds.

Here's just a small portion of things Art related to peruse... just keep scrolling... and scrolling... and scrolling...


While my specialty is making 'Paper Props" (newspapers, magazines, Visa's, money, labels, posters, pictures etc), I make a bunch of other shit too. I hear I have some stuff on Broadway (but as someone that suffers from 'Imposter Syndrome', I can't wrap my head around its achievement).

Creatively, aside from Photoshoping the imaginary into existence, I actually print and handmake stuff like fake money, visa's, labels, food cartons, pictures, vinyl albums, books, and newspapers. I dabble in electrical wiring, puppetry, painting, sculpting, carpentry, and just general manufacturing stuff. oh, and I hate hand sewing.

All of these are from productions at The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta GA., 2012-2019.

music & album design

Just a small portion of artwork, photography, layout and design for albums and other music related stuff. Some fun collaborations and solo endeavours in there. More to come as I comb through the harddrives...

guitar mods & refinishing

Oh yeah... I've discovered the calming joys of refinishing guitars. I'm not a gear person by any stretch of the imagination, I cant remember the names of this or that, don't care about the latest and newest innovations, but I do like deconstructing and modifying instruments.

It's peaceful and relaxing. Each new technique or skill learned has a relevant place somewhere else in life. Plus its fun (although a bit selfish) to surprise others with custom modded instruments.

the beard.

Well, you made it this far down..

So, every 7-ish years I grow my hair and beard out for around 12 months. Mostly because I can (and why not), but its also interesting to take stock of how much new grey there is, how much is left and it's a chance to harvest a ceremonial dread.

This past adventure went a little long, not quite 4 years, as I had the initial idea to glue my beard, eyebrows, and hair, then cast a mold of my shoulders and head so I could reattach it all. Because of limited storage space, I decided to settle for just the beard. Eventually I'll make a shadowbox for it. Many thanks to my partners in crime, Lori and Christian, for going on this journey with me!